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a week ago I made 600 USD and then had to wager, and the amount kept changing so I got right down low. then they wanted paperwork, which they got.

They wanted more and more paperwork, then after a week they said there is no zip code on my address. they argued that for 3 hours. I asked them what did they bank statement for my bank balance or did they need proof of address. I sent 3 different papers with proof of address including post codes and they say there's no zip code.

i have been talking 7 days to them and every time they ask me the same questions and go through the same questions as the day before. but when I ask a question they never answered once. I get transferred, cut off, and I really don't think a "business" has the right to pretend there is a pay out of winnings. I have noticed that the people supporting Bingo Hall have very little to say about their winnings only a feeble support.

I'm surprised that a global company can be of poor integrity, I am not sure what flag they fly under.

I would be ashamed if that was a company representing my country. shame shame shame Bingo Hall.

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Why is that all the people that complain here act like saints, and BingoHall is their enemy? I, for one, do not believe all people are saying in their complaints.

You all act like you're perfect, with everything in order, when it's common knowledge that players commit all kinds of frauds. It may look innocent to the untrained eye, but fraud departments know their business right.

to Anonymous #1148447

Now , you sound like the staff at Bingohall. If Bingohall's fraud department knows there stuff, it is only because they are the main fraudsters here, and they are good at it because they do it often.

I am not trying to sound like a saint, and after my experience with Bingohall, they are the enemy! And how dare you accuse people of committing frauds. Unless you actually know who it is you are slamming, you need to back up a little. Sounds like you know quite a bit about frauds.

Why is that?

As for committting frauds, define that please! Not much fraud activity from the customer when they go to the casino and deposit their hard earned money, time after time, and then finally are able to withdraw and the very same people that have had their bank accounts lined with that loyal customers money, turn on you and bring on the shark attack of your life. The staff at Bingohall are always polite, but just being polite is not the same as believing in a professional and moral code of ethics. They turn cold and heartless, and show no mercy for anyone.

The customer service there is by far the worst that I have ever encountered. Customers are expendable because there are hundreds more waiting around the corner to throw their money at these rabid casino staff members and owners. It is difficult to fathom how Bingohall staff treat you as if you were trash, chewing you up and spitting you out. And to think back to the realization that you gave thousands of dollars to people who could care less if you live or die.

There is no customer service at Bingohall because the people there don't value their customers. Well, I guess to provide good customer service, they would have to actually care about the customers and I know that is not happening anytime soon. And again to anonymous, not everyone practices fraud, and personally, I would rather be labeled as acting like a saint then to stretch my neck out like you have, claiming to know so much about being a frauster. And unlike you, I do beleive what people are saying because they have not given me any reason not to.

Clear up your own horse *** before you go pucking in at everyone else.

Who are you to judge anyway?

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