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Joined after seeing an article on Facebook.I will admit that I didn't read the terms and conditions right away.

I made a deposit and when it wound down to $8.00 I made a second deposit. A day later I hit a couple of decent wins. ($150 & $300). I then read the terms and conditions about withdrawing my winnings.

It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me so, I contacted Live Chat. The guy explained the process and told me I had $39 left to wager on my wager requirement. When I asked where I could find that information on my account, he told me I just needed to ask one of them. Red Flag #1.

After playing slots for several hours, I asked again. The guy said I had $24 left to wager. I was satisfied that I'd have it done in no time. The next day I decided to try some bingo.

I even tried one of their chat games. I won 3 bbs and $30 so, I was pretty happy. At the end of my playing session, I asked how much was left of my wager requirement and the man told me I had $60 left. I asked him how it went up and he tossed me to someone else, who transferred me to someone else.

Finally, a nice young lady explained it to me. I accepted it and swore off bingo and its chat games. I kept playing slots only. The next day at the end of my session my wager requirement was $21.

The following day, after hours of play, it was only down by $2. Red Flag #2. The same is true for each day that followed, until yesterday. When it only came down $1 after hours of play to $15, I asked Brian for more details about how the wager cost is applied to the requirement.

Red Flag #3 He told me I needed to make $300 in wagers to finish the remaining wager requirement of $15. Red Flag #4. So, I changed my bet amount to $1 and spun the reels 325 times for good measure. I asked Brian on Live Chat again to verify that I had satisfied my wager requirement and he told me I had $260 in wagers left to make.

Red Flag #5. I asked him point blank that if I bet $1 and spin the reels 260 more times would that satisfy my wager requirement and he said "yes, 260 cards, spins, preplays". So, I went back to the slots and I spun the reels 300 more times at $1 each for each spin and I returned to Live Chat. Brian was still the support associate and so I asked him again to verify that my wager requirement was satisfied.

He informed me that I still had $11 of my wager requirement to fulfill. Then proceeded to tell me that if I made a deposit that it would move much quicker. Confirmation for me that it is a scam! Yesterday, I also found a fraudulent charge on my debit card.

I've never had that happen before and this site is the only new one that I've used my card on so, you do the math. I canceled that card today, I wiped out my "balance" on Bingo Hall and I won't be returning. Because the employees of this site like to come on here and try to discredit bad reviews, I made sure to screen shot the many conversations with Brian yesterday. I should have taken screen shots of all of the conversations with all of the support people but, I was *** enough to believe they were legit and that this was the way things were done.

Well, I will be sharing my experience all over the net and I hope that they don't ensnare anyone else. I did have a few friends that were interested in joining but, they wanted to make sure I had a smooth experience.

They definitely won't be joining now.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of fact that its a scam. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of bingohall account. Bingohall needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #1206571

I had the same experience


I was about to try it out and kept reading the occasional bad review and the good ones seem so fake with no proof. I'm glad I did that now I'll be sure not to play this, or my wife, or all 600 of my friends and their friends bc it's popping up more and more.


Aren't you a spiteful one!

to Anonymous Marion, Ohio, United States #1144652

Aww whats' the matter?Can't dispute the truth in the face of all this Evidence?

You and your company are pitiful!Thieves and liars the lot of you.

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