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I signed up and won 30.00 in a bingo game, they then refused to pay it out asking for a deposit.I then did some research and found this site and asked them about whether or not the people were actually real and if they used house player, (computers) he then said "Whats the point?

Play against the computers and win! I am attaching screenshots of the chat. I cannot believe the gaming commission allows sites like this to exist and rip consumers off! SHUT THEM DOWN!



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Been with Bingohall for 5 years now.Quick payouts and no bull, so not sure wht issue is here.

What don’t I like? Too similar to other sites.

Up your game and try and be a little more unique and I’ll play more often.simple as that.

Mountlake Terrace, Washington, United States #1258815

i have really been scammed by ibingo, my own fault for being so naive, I am handicapped and cant get out of the house, i won over $2500 and couldnt cash in a penny, not enough inough information or always some reason, they even took away my bb s, because i asked for a cashout, like i said my fault, it is a scam and cant beleive I beleived them. The cms try to act like your friend but god dont talk negative about cash ins or your get booted from chat too, i will cancel my card

Barberton, Ohio, United States #1212112

You can add CyberBingo to the list, they just told me I have to wager 2685.00 before I can get any of MY money back.I called Bingohall to complain about Gypsyrain who is in every room and wins 40 to 50% of the games.

The lady got really rude with me so I told her what a ripoff they are and hung up.Would love to get a class action suit on all these computer bingo ripoff sites

to elvisinthehouse Boiling Springs, South Carolina, United States #1261365

I joined bingo hall a couple of months ago, and I too, kept noticing Gypsyrain winning all the time. I played all hours of the day/night and still, they were in every room and kept winning. Soooo disgusted that I've wasted money on this site!


This is true.They also run the Bingo for Money website.

This is a big rip off! Scams. It is next to impossible to cash out your winnings.

Each bonus you collect starts a new term in withdrawing.My banks doesn't let me make any deposits anymore because they said that there is scamming gone on in Great Britain and there is where this is coming from.


I deposited 30 dollars to this company and when I tried to play it stated I did not have enough credits.When i went to live chat she told me I could not use my bonus money to play the slots.

I informed her i had made a cash deposit and that is what I wanted to use to play, she then tried telling me I had played my 30 dollars andnonly had the bonus money left. I informed her that was incorrect and I had not played one single game.

I told them I wanted my money refunded to my credit card and I got a run around..finally they said they had initiated the refund, but when i asked for a transaction code they refused to give me transaction code , no confirmation code and no 30 there anyway to start a classaction law suit against them?


Yes this site is a total scam.I won money and trouble cashing out.

After like 2 or 3 cashouts they closed my account for no reason.

Guess they don't like you to win.They have lots of house players also.

to Anonymous #1363139

How do I even cash out ... don't see that option


It's a scam if you give credit card info cancel the card.


I wouldn't mind so much if you were only playing against one room, not ten or so different sites. (and add employees to house players?) Log on to Bingo Hall, Bingo for Money, Vic's Bingo, Instant Bingo, Bingo Room, Bingo Ville, iBingo, I Play Bingo, Bingo Canada and possibly more I haven't seen, and the SAME INDIVIDUAL PERSON wins the game, across all sites, regardless of which particular site they're playing on. Seriously, they say they're 'stand alone' entities, yet have the same chat room moderators (employees) and winners.

That's like playing Black Jack against 10 casinos at once, or 520 cards in the deck simultaneously.

Good luck if you honestly believe the same person can keep winning consistently, even when everyone 'apparently' has the exact same amount of cards in a game.


They did the same to me. Made it so they can't give you any money whatsoever but can easily have you deposit money.

Waste of time




I kind of figured it was a fraud. I won twice, $25 and $58 and my money was not awarded to me. The game just all of a sudden froze and said connection server error both times.


I've played here as well.I deposited twice and noticed that I was charged some kind of extra fee on my bank statement that was tied to the original $so deposit.

There is a middleman called something like Celicorp, that sits between the site and your bank that tacks on a seperate charge.

If I ever won more than $100.00 I would probably deposit to get my winnings but after reading some of these posts here and on other sites, I won't be going back.

I've also contacted them to remove me from their calling list where a computer calls to say I've got $25 dollars in my account. They never did anything about it and I still get the calls. My problem was that like others I would have to contact a rep to get my credits then one day one of them actually said to me, sorry but you're at your max for receiving free credits. Well why the *** did you say I had some then.

Well the computer calls automatically. That's when I asked them to remove my name.

This was more than a month ago.Got another call today.

Stay away from this site.


Having just played on this site.Here is my review and understanding so far.

. .

The free 25$ of bonus, is just for fun. It is not real.

I argued that it was, but then looked at the Terms And Conditions.

. . and it is true. You have to PAY money, to WIN money.

So I was like, what the heck ill have a a spin (pun intended (:)

I added 10$, which translated into 60$ of game money.

Math: 10$ x 500% = 50$ They get you 500% + your deposit so.

. (10$ x 500%) + 10$ = 60$ Anyways, I decided to just spin a 45$ bet using a slot game. I had gotten luck using the trial 25$, and won around 185$ from the slots. .

. . I hit a thing that gave me bonus spins. Ten I hit more bonus spins with my bonus spins.

I ended up getting 35 free spins, at 45$ bets. My end total from that 1 spin was around 360$. I IMMEDIATELY went to the check out. But THAT is where I ran into the issue.

My main issue, was the first 1-2 people explained it POORLY. (It was actually Joey who i spent an hour on chat with, and he eventually ended the conversation hanging up on me.) It took me another hour or so to find someone else, who then explained it and was polite and a good customer service rep! Here is how to get a Deposit from Bingo Hall: 1. Spent real money.

2. Once you spend money, you are given a "Limit" you have to SPEND, in BETS, in order to be able to PayOut. 3. The formula is 3x cash you start with from deposit.

60$ x 3 = 180$. So I had to gamble away 180$ first, to be able to Pay out. 4. EACH TYPE of game has a DIFFERENT % that counts TOWARDS your "Limit".

Meaning. . . Bingo games: 100% of the money you bet, goes towards "Limit" Slots: only 12% of your bet money!

So if you get 10$ on slots, you will only get 1.2$ towards your "Limit" AKA, Play Bingo if you are trying to reach your "Limit", since it will convert 100% of the money you bet buying cards towards your amount. Slots can give you more winnings faster, since you can play slots faster. But Slot bets don't count for a lot. I now have 160$ left, and they said I can cash out.

I have to send them a lot of documents though my E-mail. . . Which is where I am currently at.

TL;DR Free 25$ is fake. You deposit REAL money, to WIN real money. You have to gamble 3xs your STARTING in-game amount. (10$ x 500%) + 10$ = 60$ starting.

500% is the extra they give you. 60$ x 3 = 180$, which is the amount you need to spend gambling, before checking out. Bingo = 100% of the money you gamble, counts towards your "Limit" Slots = only 12% of the money.

((Look at their Terms&Conds.for that exact %))


The told me I had to play 270.00 in order to withdraw


so did you ever win money n recieved it

to Anonymous #1029621

Never! I won almost 100.00 and they said I could not take the money until I gave them money.


Actually they ask for a deposit to be able to withdraw i tried it out

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #1033613

If you win they tell you your deposit doesn't matter because you'll never be able to wager enough they are liars and ANYONE claiming they are not is one too.

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