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First off, I am a regular here so believe me when I say I know what I am talking about. Been here 10 years. This post was designed for you to hear the hard truths about it and it's not all pretty.

BH has multiple sister sites (Bingo for Money, Bingo Canada, Vics Bingo, SouthBeach Bingo and others I can't think of right now). No matter which of these sites you use, you will be playing at the master site for all of them so there are a ton of players.

Now, new users, this is for you- You will get a free $25 chip to play, however, if you do win (and you most likely will because they set it up that way), you cannot withdraw any winnings. When you go to Live Help, they will tell you that in order to cash anything out, you have to make a deposit. However, they don't always tell you that as soon as you make a deposit, you lose any winnings you have from the free chip! So either way, you are screwed. My suggestion, don't even bother getting the free chip.

Any free money you get has wagering requirements attached to it (I really don't want to have to go into every detail which is why you need to read the Terms and Conditions and understand them. Otherwise, you will be pissed later) but I will give you an example just so you understand. So, let's say you deposit $100 and with the $100, they give you a $500 bonus. You think "yippee, free money!" Well, there is a reason they do that. Most people have what they call 3x wagering requirements on their account. This means that on the now $600 that you have, you have to wager 3x that amount to meet your requirements to withdraw. So, you will have to wager $1800 to be able to withdraw which of course means you have to win, a lot.

There are also chat games and here's where they really ***. Only 5% of what you spend is counted toward that requirement because it's free money. SO, here's how it breaks down= Say you win 100 bbs (bingo bucks). You will have to spend 3 x 100 at only a 5% rate (which now means 3x100x20). So in total, you will have to spend $6,000 in order to cash out! Another way of putting it, for every $1 bingo buck (or any other free money, promotion, etc) that you get, you have to wager $60. This is in addition to what you have to wager for the deposit you made as well. This goes for all new people. As you play more and get to higher levels, it's even more than that!

So the cashing out process- You have a bunch of paperwork to do and send in. Ridiculous process but a must if you want any money back.

Then, when you try and cash out, they will always decline your first request due to a "random security check" which just means they'll put the funds back in your bingo account for another week and hope that you spend it all so you can't withdraw next week. They will also come up with any and every excuse to deny you. And if after all that you are one of the lucky ones to be able to withdraw, you can't cash everything out all at once. You can only take as much per week as your level allows (again, see terms explaining levels). But for new players, it's a very low amount.

To sum it up- No one has ever become rich from this site, regardless of whatever fake stories you see floating around online about a McDonald's guy winning a slot jackpot and quitting his job. None of our slots have jackpots just FYI. And, even if you do win a large jackpot, you cannot withdraw it all at once. Again, you can only withdraw what your level allows. So if you did win a large bingo jackpot, you will be taking that in payments of $500 a month for pretty much the rest of your life (but they will still periodically decline you just for fun). Yes, some people have won cars and other things but they have to spend ALOT in order to do that. So if you are looking to get rich quick, please move along as it is not possible here.

Now, if you are looking just for something to do or you're bored and just wanna chat and have fun, that is what they are for. All of the regulars here are just here for something to do, we know we won't make any money off of this (once in a great while someone will get lucky but that's after spending tens of thousands of dollars). Again, I have been here a long time and to be honest, I am so sick and tired of seeing new people come in and get pissed that they can't withdraw and yet, they don't bother to read the rules first :-|

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Now this finally sounds like a legitimate review. I've only been playing a few months but this sounds exactly right.

Yes, some people get really lucky and withdraw but most of the time, you won't make enough to withdraw. It's something to do when you're bored

San Diego, California, United States #1099942

As an update to this post- You can no longer actually cash out your winnings, even if you meet the requirements. They are now making every excuse in the book for you to not withdraw.

Don't play here. They've lost many people in the last month due to their new business model.


Thanks for the information =)


Also, please like this post to keep it bumped as top rated so everyone can see it before they deposit money to play

to Anonymous #1517314

im truly amazed wen ppl pay cash for a game that otherss have to rig it-totally unnacceptable and yes ive seen the same names winning-they should all hang their heads in shame-and ask themselves-would i like that done to me??? of course not-so why do they??

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