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Personally I am sick of hearing people say bingohall (and all sister sites) are a scam! However it is your loss if you cannot be bothered to read and follow the terms and conditions!

I have won and received a brand new car, 2X Ipads, a $2000 cruise voucher and have withdrawn cash thousands of times in the 4 years i have been a player here. Yes you have to provide certain documents to be verified for any withdrawals and yes you have to wager a certain amount before cashouts.. but hello?!

ALL sites require this so QUIT complaining about it and if you want to cash out simply follow all the rules! RANT OVER

This person wrote the review because of "love this site!" at Bingohall. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Bingohall to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1209605

Hahaha, i randomly read reviews here and don't play bingo online or in person, and can read this and know its a lie....karma dear human...karma

to Anonymous #1359663

Actually, it's not. I'm pretty sure I know who wrote the review because she's one of the few people to have won so much in such a small timeframe but she is real.

I was also in the running for that car and she happened to beat me by a couple wins. Also, I've won one of the $2000 cruise vouchers myself. I've also won a 50" TV and a few other small things.

In the last 3 weeks, I've withdrawn $9800.

So unless you've played here or know any of the players, you really should keep your opinions to yourself. I can assure you, this review is 100% real as are we.


this person has to be lying or works for the company. that is a load of bs that they have won that much, i guarantee it.

to Anonymous #1359665

No it's not. Just because you didn't win it, doesn't mean it wasn't real.

I know 3 people who have won cars from here. I have physically, in person, seen one of the Nissan's that was won.

Now, I'm not saying it's easy to win because it's not.

I spent about $5,000 just trying to rack up wins to win this car (since the person with the most bingos in a certain timeframe is the person who wins the car). Again, to win these prizes, you do end up spending alot and then praying you win it back but yes, the prizes are real.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #1141349

Well with a 100 bonus i had to wager... no probs...but when i asked how many bets that would be they said Over 5000.

. then my wager would clear so i played. On went to bed with a final balance of 2 Grand. Woke up to 50 bucks.

It took them 12 hrs to finally reply. Their reply System glitch...even though i won the money on slots. .....

if they can do that to me and others i dont believe u have won what u have won...sorry its all alot lot of bull ***.... .


FYI- not all sites have wagering requirements. That's probably why all these people are upset. I play on 3 other sites without reqs so I'm guessing that's what people are used to

Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States #1134912

I too have been at VicsBingo.ag which is Bingohall.ag and about 6 other sister sites, for many years. Actually started cashing out some good wins all through October, and Nov of 2015 until they hiked my playthru to 10X !!!!

Not the normal 3x. I had angered them by my constant cash outs. It used to be possible to cash out. Not so much anymore.

I have successfully had my account closed there after 4 months of constant emails to them. It is NOT the site it used to be.

to TinHalo61 #1359666

Yep, my playthrough is at 10x now too. I'm so irritated.

If i'd known they would do that, I wouldn't have made the measly $500 withdrawal that caused my wagering to go up. I would have waited til i had 5k to at least make it worth it


And you've worked for Bingo Hall how long???


You know how angry people can be when they don't win lol


I fully agree...I've been playing for less than one year and I have won a laptop, Ipad and was in the running for a car once already (maybe I'll win next time!). I have made many withdrawals without any issues outside of the random security check that delayed my payout by one week...

read the terms and conditions thoroughly and you too can enjoy a great site that has plenty of perks. Now I'm off the play tonight and try to build my loyalty points up because I have my eye on a new Gucci watch for my bday :)

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