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Be careful here if you win too much. They've been banning people left and right, making up excuses (or sometimes no reason at all, they just won't respond).

Don't come here to try and make money, you will be sorely disappointed and lose a lot in the process. I've seen lots of friends go when they've gotten lucky and hit a big jackpot or slot win but never thought it would happen to me.

Go play at a better site that doesn't make up every excuse in the world to not pay you out nor constantly lies to you about your wagering. Word of advice, don't cancel your prebuys or they accuse you of cheating!

Review about: Bingohall Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Please note that there is no reason why prebuys would be cancelled automatically.

Not only that, but there is no reason why a member would have his account closed as long as all Terms and Conditions are followed.

Please provide us with your username so we can look into it and see what the issue was. We see here that you are claiming a monetary loss of $200 000 and we want to help you with this.

In regards to the wagering requirements, they may vary from one offer to another and we are at your full disposal on chat whenever you have any concerns about the bonuses that your are claiming.

We can also set up an alternative cash back system for you, which would meant that your account is playthrough free, so that any winnings can be cashed out at any time. We sincerely appreciate your understanding over our terms and conditions and if there is anything we can help you with, we are here for you 24/7, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us!

We wish you a lovely day! The Bingo Hall Team

to Bing0Hall_Rep #1388749

Oh please! Everyday my prebuys are getting cancelled for some reason or another and live help is absolutely useless when you ask them about it.

Wagering doesn't even matter at this because like others said, you will find some excuse to not payout.

Like saying you don't have a voucher on file for a credit card that's been used for years and was withdrawn from in the past.

Or refusing to approve a utility bill sent in a month prior in anticipation of trying to make a withdrawal. Or when all else fails, the "random" security check to allow you enough time to come up with another BS excuse to not pay out when they've met every single requirement.

You all are just lying sacks of crap now


Well that's not fair! Everyday they've been canceling some prebuys of mine at random and it comes back as a refund.

I bet they're going to turn around and ban me too and say it's because of that.

I'm unlimited too.

Watch, I'll be back here with a review of my own and the truth about how it all works ;)


I've heard the same thing about the bans. They changed the way prebuys and wagering work and I think it's to get rid of the old timers who have unlimited status.

They make more money off of new players who don't know the rules and payout process.

They're not paying anyone out anymore and if they do, they get banned after. Ridiculous...

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