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I watched before depositing. Across their approximately 10 sites ('sister', for whatever that means) there is only ONE winner.

You're not playing against 50 people - more like 500, with one winner. And the same names win; constantly, regularly, regardless. The odds of that happening are astronomical (to say the least). Excusing this irregularity as 'luck' is disingenuous and quite frankly, insulting - luck doesn't figure in statistical mathematics.

(enter at least one hundred words? you're kidding, right?

the flaws can be pointed out in less than fifty - I'm writing this purely to entertain your guidelines - 100 mandated words). (ahdycb fhfhcnbn chhfbd nfguyrf cjdhfsj ehfdbc bdbcsbnb vjfhb hfbcdb hfjd vjvjdjv jhgfmdc sfhiv fbkvkfnv there, enough?)

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm one of those people that you will see win constantly and I want to say a few things...

First, I am definitely real. Second, I have put hundreds of thousands of $$$ into this site over 10 years.

I play every day, all rooms, max cards.

So yes, you will see my name pop up a lot. What you don't see is all the days that I am playing and don't win a single game. Sometimes, this goes on for a week or so. Then one day, I'll win almost 30% of the games I play.

I have no idea why. I don't believe in luck like that so I'm fairly certain it's set up as well.

What I don't understand exactly is how/when they decide to give me the wins/losses. I continue to play because I like to earn stuff from the shop, it gives me something to do and I get unlimited bbs.

Just wanted you to hear it from our side ;)


Agree , exactly what I have seen. This is a random game of probability, this is not a game of percentages like poker.

It requires no skill. How do the same names get called over and over while the majority can't build a bankroll. Why on the CA is it no matter how good u start almost everytime you will stall until the min prize.

There is nothing random on what I see with same repeated patterns on winners and when. That was a 7 k lesson for me I guess


I agree. Not sure why but the same couple of monikers keep winning a high percentage of the bingo games no matter how many players there are in the room at the time. I can't help wondering if they are actually legitimate players.


Yes, they have many sister sites but it's not the same person winning. It's 10 different people winning and it's all the big depositors.

It's been like that for years.

You just hope you hit a lucky pot once a year or so. It's called gambling

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