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Below you will find screen shots of just 1 hour in Bingohall Dollar Room. From 8:30 a.m.- 9:30 a.m.

Notice game numbers are visible in bottom right. I am all about fair play...just not impossible odds. Everyday you will find a player who wins continuously. Good luck to all you who are losers.

What are the odds of 1 player winning 6 of 10 games ? I myself on complaining of constant deposits and no wins won over 15 games in 1 day, biggest win being $1000. If you observe the games in almost every room, you will SEE the pattern.

So Happy I bailed out when I did. Now BingoHall and all of it's sister sites need to be put out of business.

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Lafayette, California, United States #1211461

Will agree I've noticed that they are all the same players that are winning and not just in one room in several different rooms I don't understand that I have made several deposits only to find out that it goes faster when you make deposits you made when once maybe $60 then you lose fast no matter what you bet you're still going to lose take my advice this is the worst sign I've ever seen if you have a lot of money to lose go for it


This is exactly what I've been noticing too. It's not the same player everyday but a rotation of a handful of players.

One day it's her, the next day it's someone else and so on. There is no possible way that someone can get that lucky in a single day.

The only answer is that it is completely rigged and they pick a certain player every day to get most of the wins. It's absolutely absurd!!!

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