Bingohall Keno Video Game Reviews

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I really enjoyed playing KENO AND 7 MONKEYS, QUICK WINS!! So i am getting happy because i am winning big money, no 20 and 40 dollars! Im talking about 600 and 700 dollars. Mind you, i know there was going to be a catch for winning off what they put in your bank. (the first 25 dollars) so i didn't mind playing what i won back. So i deposited 40 dollars today and the told me that i can play with $225.00. THIS IS WHERE THE CATCH BEGAN DO NOT TAKE...
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I liked
  • It at first
  • Variety of games
  • Winning
I didn't like
  • Point system and being cheated out of what i have won
  • Scammed over 500
  • Worst site ripoff