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I have played here for quite some time. I have never had a problem with payouts being payed. They are debited to my bank account within a day or two after they are approved. You can see that one was denied. It was because I had used 2 prepaid credit cards and they didn't have the paperwork for them. I filled out the paperwork, scanned it and emailed it to the correct address. Then I went to live help and spoke with a lady and gave her the email ticket number. She approved my documents and my payout was approved 2 days later (because of my level I can get them 3 times a week). The amount is different because I had been playing on the daily bonus and had won even more and since I had to redo the payout request I added my additional winnings to the payout. Don't forget to redo the payout request if it gets denied.

I agree that the wager requirements can be hard to meet. Once you get them though the site will pay you if you follow the rules. Yes, they require personal information. They have my bank account number so that they can pay me. They have my personal information. Never once has my bank account been stolen because of Bingohall. It was hijacked after I bought pet medicine in Canada and someone spent $2000 on shoes in the united kingdom. My bank immediately gave me the money back and filed a complaint. They confirmed the the account was used by someone other than me. You take a risk every time you put your information on line. I always use prepaid credit cards now when I buy things online. It is just safer.

I agree with the reviews that say they are annoyed with all of the people coming in and complaining about the site. It is an honest and legitimate site and quite honestly one of the best bingo sites online. There are big jackpots and the slots pay well. You have to make a deposit every 10 days if you want a payout. You have to meet the wager requirements and you have to fill out the documents. Live help is there to help you and if you have followed all the rules, you WILL get paid.

I get annoyed being called a house player. There are no house players here. There are a lot of people that play a lot of cards and win a lot. They also deposit a lot. Some people are luckier than others. It is life.

I have attached proof that the site pays. I have blocked out my personal information. The payout of $2000 from today hasn't reached my bank account yet. The reason the amounts are slightly smaller is because they charge $10 for payouts under $1000 and $20 for payouts over $1000. They use a payment processor so the payouts come from different companies each time. I guess it depends on which processor they are using that day. It really doesn't matter because they are NOT a scam and they DO pay when you follow the rules.

This person wrote the review because of good customer service of bingohall account from Bingohall and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Bingohall to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was paperwork process. Author liked the most winning. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Just curious, have you been banned yet? They've been banning anyone who repeatedly makes withdrawals cuz they're losing too much money on us.

If you haven't been banned already, be careful. Wait awhile before trying again. They've changed the prebuy and wager system and are accusing people of cheating so they can ban them when we're not doing anything different than we've done in the past 10 years. It's sad really.

Seems like they're just trying to get rid of all the old timers so they can screw over a new generation. This site used to be legit, not anymore


What a load of rubbish, obviously written by one of their staff.

When you play Bingo here you can see that 50% or so is being taken from the money wagered to cover staff costs.

If someone wins then the money they win is the remainder after the site takes it's cut. Why then are there *** 'terms', half of which are made up by their live help people on the spot, that you must wager 5000x your original deposit or that you are limited to a maximum of $50 a year payout? If I've won then I've won. Anything then put in the way of getting paid is objectionable.

Yes, they have some happy players who pay thousands a month in to fund their accounts, and win over and over, and withdraw - just to make it look like you actually stand a chance.

Genuine players get fleeced every time.

Your report is not 'proof' at all, it's a screen that's been arranged by the site to look like someone is getting paid. Any 11 year old with access to a computer could make that up in minutes.

They've had lots of money off me.

I've never been able to withdraw a penny as they come up with excuse after excuse. And you are defending this scam ?


Why go to all that trouble defending a legitimate site? (especially one you quite adamantly have no vested interest in).

Even Shakespeare recognised that 'The anon doth protest too much, me thinks.'

For someone who doesn't care what other's think you take it all rather personally.

It's bingo; big fk'n deal.


I think you are being paid by them to write this review. I've had nothing but problems and never have been able to get any of the money I've won.

to mamachau #1128129

funny thing is they don't care what the reviews say. They would not 'pay' someone to write a review.

When I suggested that they stop offering the 'free bonus' and they would reduce the amount of complaints. Their reply 'we can't please everyone'.

I was very happy to withdraw another $1512 this week. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

I have been playing here for years and as long as I fill out the voucher paperwork correctly, I have never had a problem.

Did you meet the wager requirements?

If you are playing on free money or bonus bucks that only counts as 5% towards your wager.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1126734

I agree Bingo hall is a legit site.

I have played daily for 5 months now and never made a withdrawal.

I understand the wager requirements on deposit bonuses, but do they also apply to BBS from Chat games?

Would appreciate any response as I am contemplating a withdrawal soon.




Only one person wins each game on - Bingo Hall, South Beach, Bingo For Money, Bingo Canada, Instant Bingo, iBingo, I Play Bingo, Bingo Room, Bingo Ville, Vics Bingo and possibly others.

One Single Winner. From (at least) Ten Sites.

100 in a room? You're playing against 1000 people. And you get repeat (and constant) winners?

Statistically IMPOSSIBLE.

Not improbable; impossible.

Like winning the National Lottery EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Because you 'play a lot'.

Bollocks to your confected 'bank statements as proof'. Being manipulated or deceived is bad enough; attacking people who point out the obvious is despicable.

to Buy Me A Pony #1125485

you are not playing against 1000 people. Every one of those sites is the same site you just go to a different domain name to enter.

Believe what you want. Go to any of these sites and put your screen name and password in. They are all the same site. They bought all of these sites and combined them.

Believe what you want. I have cashed out 8 weeks in a row. I am pretty sure my photo shop, copy and paste and cover up of my personal information would have been a lot nicer if someone was making it fake. My skills on paint are so fabulous aren't they??

My gosh I should be rich on my ability to make up fake bank statements with the m and t bank website at the top.



Not a house player...? Really...?

Bingohall is the biggest scam going, so nice of one of their team to write themselves a 'nice' review like this...

to Jethro #1120212

I am not a house player. Why would I give you my bank account transactions if I was a house player??

You are a ***. I wrote this review because those of us that deposit regularly and sit in chat have to listen to all the new people that come in and call it a scam. You can think what you want. We don't want people like you in chat anyway.

Many of us are friends in real life and on facebook and I have personally met several of the people that are repeatedly listed as house players. If you go to bingohall on facebook and look at the grandparents prayer post you can see the people that commented. They are real people. It is not worth arguing with people like you.

Why don't you come in chat and call us house players? I am sure you will get plenty of responses.

to Jethro #1121436

"Bingohall is the biggest scam going" - you probably don't live on Earth lol


Im glade they are paying someone and they have to because they need someone to say one nice thing about them,but a deposit every 10 days makes it almost impossible to cash out,and thats a rip,besides they dont respond when you do the support and chat is down so far it doesnt work.I won 7,551.00 and just made a deposit,but they wouldnt pay me.

to terriegroves #1117560

Why not? If you are a low level you can only cash out $500 a month.

What reason did they give you? They have a lot of requitred documents you need to sign. It is a pain but once they get them they will help you.

Live help is much better now. They usually answer you within a few minutes.

to Anonymous #1292757

I also play on one of their sites and I see the same players win day after day and night after night. I have spent a lot of money there, enough to reach vip queen status but do I win like the others, *** NO, i might bingo 1 time in every 10 deposits.

So you ask why do you play? Because I do love the site and it does give great bonuses and the payout on games is the best if you can win. One of my biggest gripes is not only watching same people win all the time is that they changed the slot games so most of us cannot play them. That stinks because that is where I would win the most, even support says they see no problem which is bull.

They def have their favorites and they are the ones that mostly talk in chat to the cm's. I hardly ever get spoken to and most are not happy even when i do win a few. Low life you say how rude you are. Just as rude as when you chat people comment to new players when they ask a question you dont like.

I think the cm's get paid to do this or do you? I used to listen to them give someone a hard time but no more. I speak up about it and tell them not fair and not your business.As for withdrawal rules there are many and when you finally have them all they might do an investigation which by the time they are done and your winnings are almost all gone do they approve it. Tell me they don't do this on purpose!

I have withdrawn 2 times in almost 7 years and yet you say you withdraw every week. I would have to agree that you are either a house player or someone from the site to lure more unsuspecting newbies into the game. Think what you like but from all the money I have spent and the little I win someone is controlling how the game goes and taking advantage of the rest of us.

No one is as lucky as the chosen ones and no one is as unlucky as I seem to be on there. But I will continue to play and just hope one day my wave comes in as they say it will!

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