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I have been playing at Bingohall for over a year now, and the only time I was able to get up enough capitol to request a withdrawal was a week ago. I deposited and received the deposit bonus, then I played the wagering requirement all the way through and my balance was at $300.30.

So, I went to chat and they told me I would have to send them the required varifications to be able to withdraw. I did that. The next day I sat in the chat for over an hour waiting for the customer service representative to collect the status of my documents. After over an hour, he finally got the information and informed me that all my documents had been approved.

He told me to go to the cashier page and request my withdrawal. So, I requested a withdrawal of $300.30. Then they removed the balance in my account, pending withdrawal. Later that night, I went back to chat and asked if I could safely deposit and start playing again.

I was told at that time, that it was safe for me to start playing again. So, I deposited, and played that money out. The next day I tried to deposit again and their system said that it did not go through. So, I left the site.

The next day after that, I went back to Bingohall and opted for the daily giveaway amount, which was $24. When I looked at my balance then, it was up to $411.65. Well to break this down, my balance was for the deposit that I was alerted that didn't go through, which contained a depost bonus, and with the daily free bonus, it should have been $111.35. Then, I found out that they declined my withdrawal because of a cancelled out credit card that I no longer even had because my bank closed it out and gave me a new card.

So, the withdrawal amount was returned to my account. This brought my account balance to $411.65. I was told by security that all I needed to do was submit a document declaring the card inactive. So, after doing that, I went to chat and requested a withdrawal again.

Well, I was then informed that because my account had wagering amounts in it, I would have to satisfy those amounts before I could withdraw. WHAT? OMG! I fought with security for a week about this.

The wagering was already satisfied for the $300.30. I had already cleared that money of all the wagering amount. Rightfully, they should have just allowed me to withdraw the original amount and leave the balance with the wagering requirement in my account. No, they refused to allow me to do that.

I then asked for the deposit bonus to be removed from my account and was told that because I accepted it, they would not remove it, even though it was actually not requested from me because it is automatically added with a deposit. I didn't request anything. Then they threw the daily bonus back in my face also. So, I was forced to play the wagering requirement on my new balance.

Well, of course, I lost. They blatantly *^%$#> me out of all my money. And there is nothing I can do about it.

Except for never gambling there again. As long as I live, I will never give those rotten thieves another cent of my money.

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Fyi- NEVER ever deposit or even touch your account while you're pending. Specifically for this reason.

More likely than not, your withdrawal will be declined for a ridiculous reason that you have to work through. You have to fight, wait a week and try again.

Just don't play or deposit until you're paid out. Good luck


At least you got to play your money, I on the other hand did not get so lucky, after being coaxed to deposit I finally did only to go out of town to a reunion. The next day I got on to find I had NO MONEY, then they had the balls to tell me I had played it all away, scam yes! NEVER GAMBLE ONLINE, I won't!

to Anonymous #1148199

You are correct, I was able to play mine through, but it broke my heart and my respect for them that I played $400 up to over $800 and back down, only to find that the wagering requirement remained at $86 until my cash balance was at zero. I believe they disable the counter for that requirement amount because it is very unlikely, if not absolutely absurd that none of the requirement amount had been played through ,even though I had just played for five continuous hours and played off the entire $800 cash I built up.

When I got down to $60, the requirement was still set at $86. Total BS. They stole my money outright, but did let me play it. I feel sorry for you that they just took yours and lied to you about it.

Snakes! I do have a good tip for you though! .......................A couple months ago I signed up at the site of, Break-the-Bank Bingo. After registering, they gave me a $25 chip to play (No Dep.

Chip) I played until the wagering amount was satisfied, worked the balance up to $100 and requested a withdrawal. It took about a month and a half to get it, but they sent it to me, without ever having to deposit a cent of cash!!!! It was so awesome of them. I haven't played there since because I only have a Mastercard and they accept VISA but not MC, or I would have been there instead of Bingohall.

I would recommend them to anyone. They earned my trust for sure. Please check them out. I think you will be pleased.

They are very very nice. And honest!

That is priceless!

Thank you for comenting on my post! Nice to meet you!

Cheers, Wendy

to Anonymous #1326391

Break the bank is also 123bingo but bingospirits is a good place also

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