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Bingohall is a joke..just played with 100$ and didnt get one win but a 2$ ..I wouldnt ever deposit a penny to this website, beware its a joke!!! Dont waste ur hard earned money..Many false advertisement in the promotional emails..

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played on this site cant win bingo same winners all the time and if u dont deposit u wont win even some depositors dont win and complain slots are the worst u cant win on them either it either spins and spins or says internal error or connecting to server takes your money and u win nothing at all this site is out for money and to rob u blind from your bank account so stay away from here unless u wanna go broke or bank account hacked like they... Read more

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Truly a joke. You can only play CERTAIN games, when you make a deposit. The lag on some of those games is horrible. There are several worthy online places to make a deposit but I can assure you Bingo hall is NOT on of them.

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This was initially a comment to someone else but became longer than I had planned LOL. I believe that nana person is real and has nothing to do with the wins she gets. I have seen her say that she never cashes out and just plays for fun. Knowing that, it would make sense that she would be set up to get a majority of the wins. This is also why new players on a free chip win a lot more than others. This saves the site a ton of money because it all... Read more

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Was told on depositing that there was a playthrough requirement of triple your sign up bonus. Sounded fair but what they dont tell you is that slots are rated at 5% so if you wager $100 you are only credited with having wagered $5. Played for several days and had only reduced my playthrough from $850 to $790 . I would have been playing for 2 months before I could withdraw.Very slim chance of having any funds left after that much play. Also their... Read more

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OK, I started playing about three days ago. I really enjoyed playing KENO AND 7 MONKEYS, QUICK WINS!! So i am getting happy because i am winning big money, no 20 and 40 dollars! Im talking about 600 and 700 dollars. Mind you, i know there was going to be a catch for winning off what they put in your bank. (the first 25 dollars) so i didn't mind playing what i won back. So i deposited 40 dollars today and the told me that i can play with $225.00.... Read more

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Bingohall - Daily Pattern
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Below you will find screen shots of just 1 hour in Bingohall Dollar Room. From 8:30 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. Notice game numbers are visible in bottom right. I am all about fair play...just not impossible odds. Everyday you will find a player who wins continuously. Good luck to all you who are losers. What are the odds of 1 player winning 6 of 10 games ? I myself on complaining of constant deposits and no wins won over 15 games in 1 day, biggest win... Read more

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ok so i kept seeing stories about people winning millions at this place so i checked it out. first of all, there aren't even any slot machines that have jackpots so there ain't no millions to be won. the bingo jackpots are decent but nothing like advertised. the one big room has a 650'000k jackpot but no way you can win it. unreasonable amount of calls required. so then i check out the car promotion thing they have going on where you can win a... Read more

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Finally !!! After 5 months I received an email from BingoHall saying they have honored my request and closed my account !! After 5 months of almost daily emails to "close the account" they figured it out, NO MORE DEPOSITS from me. I did miss playing for a time, but I NEVER missed, not 1 time, the lies about play thru, bonuses, etc, The new rules daily about now you must play thru your chat bbs, you haven't wagered enough, the different answers,... Read more

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I deposited 25.00 and the 25.00 was put into my bingohall account. I went to my bank account to make sure everything went right and noticed another withdrawal of 24.95. I called the number on my bank statement for that transaction and had to leave a message. They say they will call you back within hours which is a crock. I've left two messages and it has been over hours for both messages. I finally talked to a rep at bingohall. They told me... Read more

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